Community Growth Hacker

Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium · A2018002


At Avantida we dream of a sustainable planet. We dream of greener cities and roads without traffic congestions, and we believe that technology can significantly contribute to realising that dream. That’s why we built an online platform that aims to transform traditional logistics processes. On the platform we facilitate services offered by ocean lines to transporters for optimal container planning. Ocean lines have a better view on where their containers are on the land side, and transporters can optimise their transport planning, saving fuel costs and avoiding congestions.

Growth is our middle name these days, and on that note we are looking for someone like you to strengthen and support customer engagement. Are you our next Community Growth Hacker? Let’s see…

You are a hero, a performance hero.

Find ways to show users how to squeeze the juice out of our platform to their benefit. How much are they getting out of it now, but especially how much more could they gain from it tomorrow. Help optimise their platform experience and transport planning potential. Identify improvements and detect potential functionality that will bring the user experience up to the next level.

You have brains, analytical brains.

You and your team will collect data from platform usage, support tickets and conversations held with users: employ the data to detect trends, predict success patterns, spot the gaps and set up action plans that will praise the bold and encourage the shy.

Report on team performance and analyse, plan, and execute improvement plans to reach aggressive goals

You are a captain, a team-nurturing captain.

Lead and coach a team of customer support fans that will help you make the magic happen. Spot talent, identify needs and empower your skippers to skim the seven seas. Share your team’s successes (and losses) in a transparent and proactive way, and find ways to continuously improve.


Just to make sure the bear necessities are also there:

- English is a must, any other language will be warmly welcomed

- You have 5+ years’ experience in leading customer support teams

- You are assertive, hands-on and forward-thinking

- You might have a feeling for agile development


So, who will you be joining again?

Avantida. We are young and dynamic. We are loaded with energy and have a highly entrepreneurial spirit. We started off in Antwerp (Belgium) and have grown to offer services through the platform in 11 countries. Our team of programming gurus are constantly innovating from our tech hub in Krakow (Poland).

Do you share our dream to transform logistics for a greener planet? Then join the team and come and live it with us!

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